Sometimes when creating websites, Everything CLICKS.

On September 20, 2016, Impact North received an award at the OHBAAOD (Ontario Home Builders’ Association Awards of Distinction) for the Best Builder Website of 2016 for the website we built for LIV Communities (

When we work for a client, our objective is never “let’s do something that will win an award”. Our creative objective is always to provide the client with something that will provide the best results. Creative is always designed to look appealing, but the most important aspect of what we do is to accomplish the client’s goals. Do they want pre-registrants? Do they want to fill their restaurant on Saturday nights? Do they want to sell 5,000 cans of paint? Do they just want people to remember their name?

In the end, we are proud to have a great team that works diligently with every client to give them the results they’re looking for. In this instance, LIV Communities wanted to build a fresh new website with unique features that weren’t typical on a homebuilder’s website. Our team went to work researching and brainstorming, finding different ways to tell the LIV story through their website.

The use of a vertical slider to navigate the home page, the use of animation throughout to build the slides, the simple navigation that informs potential buyers of product and location through menus without requiring clicking… these were all ideas meant to differentiate LIV from other builders. LIV Communities was thrilled with their new website, from the top down, and so was our team here at Impact North. Everything came together beautifully to form an innovative and unique website.

This award is certainly a nice acknowledgement of hard work and a team effort, and we’ll be proud to display it. Thank you to the OHBA, and thank you to LIV Communities for allowing us to take a more adventurous path.

And of course to anyone reading this, if you’re interested in discussing a new website, you know where to find us.