Behind Conquering the Chaos.

Chaos itself is neither good or bad and this is important to note as we, together as a team, embark on a mission to conquer it. We don’t hate it or wish it were other than it is - we, like any aspiring fighter, see it as the great adversary that in turn gives us the chance to be great. You are always only exceptional in relation to the obstacles you overcome - chaos is our obstacle - chaos is actually ‘The’ obstacle because it is ‘The’ context into which we are all forced to operate.

Chaos will have you believe that ‘all that is solid melts into air’ but this is a conclusion that once drawn, has the tendency to draw you. It really is a matter of pace and volume - there is so much that washes over us so quickly, that the only possible definition seems to be one that paints a world beset by chaos and thus a world, in which the value of creating something is lost.

This is what we are conquering in our conquering of chaos.

Just because the world appears to be a swirling whirling infinite series of indefinites does not mean that we cannot or should not carve out our own pieces of solidity. The more everything threatens to overwhelm us, the more we need solid things to cling on to. Chaos has the tendency to unsettle because at its root is uncertainty and so, in order to conquer, we must become comfortable in the chaos - we must welcome it as the starting point and stepping stone to everything that is great and lasting.

Our role as an agency is to be a creator of solid things. We are challenged to transform that which arrives at our doorstep as everything and therefore nothing, into one solid thing and therefore, into something. Our mission is to unite our collective energies so that we may not only accept the chaos but embrace it and harness it for it shall be the catalyst to our greatest achievements.