25 years of making Impact.

Impact North is proud to celebrate our official 25th anniversary this year. While the company began in other iterations in 1981, the current company truly took form in 1992.

The ad industry has changed a lot since that time. The biggest difference between then and now was the technology available.

The internet didn’t exist. There were no websites, no endless supply of information at our fingertips, no endless resource of stock images and videos to choose from.

Digital cameras didn’t exist. When original photography/video was required, you couldn’t take endless shots and see the results instantly. Everything was on film, which required developing.

Computers were in their infancy. We didn’t have powerful Macs and Photoshop, capable of making instant changes in ads and layouts. Changes in copy and images had to be made in production houses and took days, even weeks.

Smartphones didn’t exist. In fact, handheld cell phones were barely common, as most of them were the size of a brick. The idea of accessing information on a pocket-sized device was unfathomable.

And yet, we managed.

Impact North has worked with some incredible clients over the years including Samsung, Longo’s, Rexall, Greenpark, Starlane, City of Vaughan, Ace Hardware, Pizzaville, Steeles Paint, Treasure Hill, Shoeless Joes and many more. Some enjoyed the old-school production of weekly flyers and massive annual catalogues showcasing all of their products, while others have taken advantage of technology to reach thousands of potential customers digitally just minutes before a sales event to update them on product availability.

The advertising industry has evolved, and so has our company. Over 25 years, we have stayed ahead of the curve in both design and strategy. Gone are the days when a simple print ad drove sales. Now, analytics play a key role in everything we do as we measure clicks, impressions and of course, action. Return on investment is much more important now than the glitz and glamour of filming a robust commercial.

Thank you to everyone we have worked with since 1992. Every project we have worked on has helped us learn, grow and succeed. Simply put – you can’t stay in business for 25 years without doing a lot right. Our entire organization from top to bottom takes pride in what we do. We have a fantastic staff that is dedicated to giving their best effort every day.

Most importantly, while we’re very educated on today’s trends, we put a lot of effort into being able to predict what will happen in the future so our clients are ready for tomorrow as well. We’re looking forward to continued success and celebrating our 50-year anniversary in 2042. (If you’re planning on coming to the party, make sure your electric flying car is charged, and come early because the sky lot will be pretty full.)