Black Friday Violence – not that far from home….

As our neighbours to the south have finished giving thanks for many things (we won’t mention the new president), another Black Friday filled with stories of violence and insanity has come and gone.

People were shot over parking spots. People fought over $50 products. People lined up for hours to secure their prized possessions.

We read these stories and many think “wow – these people must be crazy! How can anyone be so crazy just to buy stuff?”

And then I reflect on the GTA New Home Buying market.

As home builder marketing experts, we had a front row seat in 2016, as our clients and many of their competitors opened new communities throughout the GTA. Oakville, Milton, Vaughan, Aurora, King City, Holland Landing and more. Thousands of new homes were sold during an incredible year, at prices that were higher than ever before. We’re not talking $300 TV’s here – we’re talking about homes up to and beyond a million dollars!

And truth be told, some of our competitors’ openings looked like Black Friday at Walmart.

Impact North takes pride in how we, working with Fredi Media, handle our clients’ openings. In many cases, when there are thousands of pre-registrants, we provide our builders with an online appointment system that allows them to limit the traffic in their presentation centres, presenting buyers with fair opportunities to purchase based on the order in which they pre-registered.

Compare this to our competitors’ Black Friday-style openings. Customers lined up outside, physically battling for position as far as 10 days in advance. Fights broke out over positions in line or parking spots. Respect and dignity were thrown out the window as people argued, lied, scratched and clawed – anything to get inside and buy a home.

As a result, presentation centres are uncrowded. Agents are able to provide buyers with a far higher level of customer service. But most importantly, the customers are treated well and with respect. They have been communicated to via constant emails, booked everything online at their convenience and we have eliminated lineups, crowds and fights completely.

Some builders prefer the chaotic style. They love the idea that people want to buy so badly, producing a panicked environment. Thankfully, our clients are far happier to treat people properly and fairly, allowing us to build and manage a system that is fair, respectful and effective. A system that rewards those who have waited longest, and not those who fight the hardest.

So even if Black Friday Violence isn’t that far from home for some builders throughout the GTA – hopefully they’ll follow our example and we can eliminate the chaos completely once and for all.

And of course, if you’re a builder interested in learning more about how we can help, we’re always happy to talk.