BILD Awards

Now that the Oscars are over, the REAL awards season has begun

It’s that time of year again! The BILD Awards are coming up at the beginning of May. Yes, we’ve said we don’t do what we do for the awards, but hey, it’s still nice to be acknowledged for great work.

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Scotiabank Arena – everyone is focusing on the WRONG name change

It seems everyone in Toronto is analyzing this name change. Air Canada vs. Scotiabank. A national airline vs. a national bank. Similar corporate colours. Almost 20 years of roots vs. the new name. Toronto never seems to embrace name changes, and this one is certainly being questioned.

The rare occasion where the sizzle can be far greater than the steak

Mayweather vs. McGregor.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather – the best boxer of this generation. 49-0. Absorb that – the man has never lost a professional boxing match. “The Notorious” Conor McGregor – the MMA sensation who is 21-3 and on a tear. He was the first champion in UFC history to hold titles in two divisions at once.

My take on the GTA Real Estate Market

For the last two years, we’ve all seen the extensive media coverage about the GTA real estate market. We’ve seen 25-50% increases in property value over that time, bidding wars for resale properties, massive lineups and mailing lists for new homes – it seemed like every property available was like a boxing day or black Friday blowout – difference being people were clamouring to pay more rather than less.

Impact North 25th Anniversary

25 years of making Impact

Impact North is proud to celebrate our official 25th anniversary this year. While the company began in other iterations in 1981, the current company truly took form in 1992.

The ad industry has changed a lot since that time. The biggest difference between then and now was the technology available.

Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas

Leading up to the holiday season, we have posted website pop-ups and printed cards for numerous clients. The debate has been as prevalent as ever: Do we say “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”?

It’s a shame that this has to be a debate at all. It’s a shame that society has become overly sensitive to this concept, and become redundantly all-inclusive…

Black Friday Violence – not that far from home…

As our neighbours to the south have finished giving thanks for many things (we won’t mention the new president), another Black Friday filled with stories of violence and insanity has come and gone.

People were shot over parking spots. People fought over $50 products. People lined up for hours to secure their prized possessions…


How can it be that everyone knows what it means to be a band-wagon “fan” and everyone dislikes band-wagon “fans”, and yet every time a local sports team makes the playoffs, the band-wagon still swells beyond recognition? So much so, that a single spilt beer dominates every single media feed for days – pushing down stories of life and death with ease. The public is captivated by this “breaking news”, hanging on every new development as if the well-being of our nation hung in the balance.

Sometimes when creating websites, everything CLICKS

On September 20, 2016, Impact North received an award at the OHBAAOD (Ontario Home Builders’ Association Awards of Distinction) for the Best Builder Website of 2016 for the website we built for LIV Communities (

CBC got it Tragically Right

Over the last few years, CBC has received lots of negative press. Their programming has been lambasted. Hockey Night in Canada lost its iconic theme. And little needs to be explained about Jian Ghomeshi.

Among the mandates listed in their 1991 broadcasting act are: be predominantly and distinctly Canadian; contribute to share national consciousness and identity.

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