Make Your Mark.

The most exciting development in the City, CG Tower was the perfect opportunity to stretch our creative legs. The challenge with this Tower was not about creating hype, but rather doing it justice. As the tallest tower in the City and an architectural masterpiece clad with its all brick exterior and park side setting, we needed to make our mark - and did just that. The bright blend of vibrant pinks and greens were transportive across every medium – billboards, digital, brochure, ads and within the presentation centre. In line with the Make your Mark campaign we brought in a graffiti artist to cover the main presentation wall with his take on the project.

CG Tower opened this past Fall to an overwhelming reception from all across the GTA.

Branding - CG Tower Logo
Branding - CG Tower Logo Neon
Branding - CG Tower Brochure Cover
Branding - CG Tower Brochure
Branding - CG Tower Brochure Layout
Branding - CG Tower Business Cards
Branding - CG Tower Website