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Rosehaven is a renowned GTA home builder with a mandate for producing higher quality product that its competitors. Featuring luxury designs and quality craftsmanship, Rosehaven’s brand is typically more elevated and focused on giving consumers more - they aim to be a Mercedes in a field of Toyotas and Hondas.

Urban Towndominiums is a stacked townhome development in Brampton’s west end community of Mount Pleasant. However, Rosehaven didn’t want this development to be branded as the commonly known “stacked towns”. It was important to market this site differently - it needed to have massive initial success, because the pricing for the units would be higher than expected (due to Rosehaven’s included value and quality) and the site would need some time to sell out. Impact North was asked to come up with something different. It was time to apply our IDEA process.


The I (identify) in our IDEA process was complete. Moving onto the D (discover), we learned that stacked townhomes are not an overly common product, but when they are available, builders follow the product name because few have the courage to attempt to invent something new. Our E (evaluation) led us to determine it was time for someone to break that mold, and it was going to be Rosehaven. Time for us to A (act).

Like a high-rise, stacked towns offer units on top of units and useful shared elements at a more affordable price. Like a low-rise community, stacked towns offer the architecture of a home, outdoor space and far less people directly around you. This product offers the best of both. It’s not a town, it’s not a condominium. It’s a Towndominium - the first use of this term ever in the global history of real estate marketing.

After creating a stunning logo using cool blues and greens, Impact North designed signage, a-frames and an advertising campaign to launch immediately in order to start gathering pre-registrants on Rosehaven’s website.


We implemented a media plan that included online SEM (search engine marketing) and traditional advertising like print ads and unaddressed admail pieces targeted to renters and condo owners who wanted to take a step up.


Ecasts were sent regularly to communicate with pre-registrants, preparing them for the opening. After collecting over 1,500 names, it was time to open. A section was built and added to a currently-existing sales centre in Brampton featuring interactive iPads and a large screen showing a 3D video walk-through of the units. Stunning brochures showcased the renderings, floorpans and convenience of the community for potential residents.

Results: Rosehaven had an incredible opening weekend and sold 50% of their units in the opening month. Momentum continued nicely throughout the year, and Rosehaven is seen as the innovator and inventor of the “Towndominium”.

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