LIV Communities


LIV Communities was formerly known as Landmart Homes, a Burlington-based homebuilder that built a strong reputation in the Hamilton-area for providing custom-quality homes over the past 40 years. Towards the fall of 2014, Landmart determined they wanted to move into the GTA home market under a new operating name in order to differentiate from the original brand they had established.

When they approached Impact North, Landmart didn’t even have a new name chosen. They asked us to help them create a new name, new brand and relaunch everything by the beginning of 2015 so they could begin selling their first Brampton community by the beginning of February. The keys were to make it warm, powerful and maintain the letter “L” at the beginning to keep the transition. And of course, it would have to work throughout all communications. Time to start searching for the right IDEA.

We had I (identified) the challenge. Now it was time to D (discover) the essence of what this new name should represent. Landmart was a family company that dedicated itself to giving families a perfect place to live. Homes are all about life and living. As we moved onto E (evaluating), we determined the new company would allow people in the GTA to experience a new type of home that would really allow them to live well, the right name came across and we knew it was time to A (act).

LIV Communities was born. LIV is obviously a shortened form of the word “live”, and immediately expresses the concept of what the product is all about. However, the name is also an acronym for the company’s mission statement. ‘Loyalty. Integrity. Vision.’, which was created to not only emphasize the name, but to give the company points to strive for in their daily business. LIV strives to build a loyal customer-base, but also acts loyally to their customers and their employees. Integrity is a staple from the top down, as LIV strives to provide quality homes at a great value, and always be honest and straightforward with customers (and again, employees). Finally, Vision is what will allows LIV to compete in the future, as they look forward and innovate rather than simply reacting to ‘what’s happening now’.

A logo was designed using a blue and grey colour scheme - the bold lettering for LIV was meant to stand out on any form of communication. A website was designed and launched immediately with coming soon information about the new Brampton communities and a pre-registration form. Impact North then presented the new concept to Landmart’s staff, which was met with great excitement from the entire staff. All social media was converted to LIV.


In 2015, an advertising campaign was launched with brand new fresh ads in magazines and newspapers throughout the GTA, introducing LIV to the market and announcing the opening of Casablanca, a luxury community in North Brampton. Unaddressed admail pieces were sent out to homes in Brampton, Mississauga and Vaughan to gather pre-registrants.


Sales centres were redecorated and outfitted with new touch screens to compliment the wall displays. The opening of Casablanca was a huge success, with a line up outside the sales centre even though it was snowing and very cold. In the following months, The Classics was launched, with a similar advertising campaign that spanned through digital and traditional media. It was also extremely successful.


Results: By the end of 2015, LIV Communities, brand new to the GTA, had built a database of over 3,000 names and sold over 200 homes, all detached, and all slightly higher priced than the competition due to the extra features included.

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