Urban Town Living.

Time was an innovative development in the heart of downtown Aurora, offering first-time purchasers and downsizers an opportunity to own a stacked town on Yonge Street. Renderings and illustrations made this campaign visually stunning, featuring a close-up of one unit, renderings of the community as well as the rooftop and garden. A cross-section rendering perfectly illustrated the underground parking, and the functionality of the stacked units. The project demonstrated that the best marketing concepts are simple and clear.

Time sold out within months—128 units at a higher-than-market-average price. Nominated for Peoples’ Choice Award and Best Brochure Design at the 2018 BILD Awards.

Time - Logo Design
Time - Direct Mail Marketing
Time - Direct Mail Design
Time - Branding for construction hoarding design
Time - Brochure Design
Time - Brochure Layout Design