Your Exclusive Enclave.

Located in prestigious King City, Acacia Estates was a limited release of 27 lots ranging from 60’ - 90’ wide, 200’ deep. This high end product stood out in a time when more entry-level product was gaining attention throughout the market. ‘Acacias’ are known to be attractive and very practical trees, providing resources for food, construction, art and more. The marketing visually focused on the use of leaves and wood grains to portray luxury living with a nod towards the natural materials in the home (hardwood floor, granite countertops, etc…)

Acacia Estate Collection sold 27 homes within months, at a higher-than-market-average price.

Acacia Estate Collection - Logo Design
Acacia Estate Collection - Model Home Architectural Photography
Acacia Estate Collection - Brochure Design
Acacia Estate Collection - Direct Mail Marketing
Acacia Estate Collection - Direct Mail Design